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What is love?

This was the question asked to my 5 year old son in pre-school that inspired me to start this clothing line. He responded, "Love is... I don't know... different feelings". His response was simple, honest, and left open to interpretation. Yet, it made me realize that not only is the definition of love different for everyone. It started out as something different for us as well. So I started to ask my son's friends and my friends children, what they thought love was?  The definitions I received were funny, direct, sweet, and 100% truthful. And so was the body language I got from them. Some kids were confident, but a majority of them were shy and embarrassed as if love was taboo.  

I don't want my two young sons to be embarrassed about expressing their love, so I thought why not express our kids thoughts on a T-shirt. That way, if they see someone wearing a T-shirt with their definition of love on it, maybe it will instill them with a little more confidence the next time they want to express their love. Because if I have learned anything in my 40+ years of life, most of the time it's not the content of what I say, but the confidence in which I say it! 

Please follow us and share what you or your children thing love is... and if we like it... maybe it will be on our next run of apparel!!

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