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What is Love? | Love is Clothing



This was the question asked to my 5 year old son in pre-school that inspired me to start this clothing line. He responded “Love is… different feelings”. His response was simple, honest, and certainly open to interpretation. Yet, it made me realize the definition of love is different for everyone. I don’t want my two sons to be embarrassed about expressing their love. So I thought why not express all our kids’ thoughts on a T-shirt. That's how we started... but quickly evolved. We still want to make sure that we continue to spread love. Now we do it by blending comfort, fashion, and convenience. All of our apparel uses the highest quality cotton blends and is made in Los Angeles. What makes us unique and different is that we infuse artisan hand loomed Turkish towels into all of our apparel. Because if I have learned anything in my 40+ years of life, everything is easier when you're comfortable. So as I strive to be a better father, husband, and designer. I will leave you with the motto I tell my sons:

                                         "Work hard. Play Hard... Love soft."